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4 key steps to success
On-site production

APILOG sends its own teams to client sites. Our site managers, together with the client and other contractors, plan the work, ensure compliance with safety regulations and manage supply.APILOG envoie ses propres équipes sur les différents sites. Nos chefs de chantiers, en relation avec le client et les autres corps de métiers organisent les travaux, s’assurent du respect des règles de sécurité et gèrent les approvisionnements.


  • Fitting wiring ducts, drawing high- and low-current cables.
  • Connections. 
  • Tests

Static tests

Checking that the installation complies with the client’s requirements.

APILOG operates throughout the world at its clients’ service.
Our project managers give developers enough free rein to ensure maximum flexibility and a better response to site specifics.
On-site work is supervised end-to-end by the same technicians who developed the applications and programs.

Final tests & Commissioning

  • Empty and charged dynamic tests.
  • Performance reports.
  • Technical assistance for ramping up production.

Client training

Specific training for the client to work independently.



Our values

Diligence, compliance with deadlines, standards, technical restrictions, environment.

Responsiveness, our flexible organisation responds promptly and offers solutions tailored to your requirements.

Dialogue, our teams favour dialogue for effective meaningful collaboration.

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Motor industry

has entrusted Apilog with its "Water-soluble paint base unit" project.



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